Words (actually) searched

Etymology is how words relate to one another, right? But when you search a word in the main search bar, this is the only thing saved in your search history. Once inside the matrix, if you click a words link, there is no way to go back later and see the trail you followed. Maybe I just haven’t found it, but could you add either a history button or perhaps (in the drop down under the main search function), include the words link-searched in a different color under initial word searched?

I think this would help the user to see how branching works both linguistically and metaphorically, but it would also help you pick up where you left off better.

Cheers! I love and recommend etymology to everyone I know!


Thank you very much for your feedback and suggestions.

We currently provide a history of search keywords in the app (which can be deleted with a left swipe), but we don’t provide access to browsing history, and have no plans to do so at this time. I think you can use the bookmarks feature in due course, to mark words you’re interested in, until we develop a browsing history, or a wordlist feature.