‘Suggest a word’ option?

I play a lot of scrabble, and words with friends and often jump over to Etymonline to see the meaning or derivation of a word, only to find out that it isn’t here on Etymonline. I think it could be a significant improvement to Etymonline if you created a “Suggest a Word” option on Etymonline thus allowing for more user input toward building this dictionary. Obviously each word suggested needs to be checked and approved by the Admins/Creators. I mainly use Etymonline ‘on-the-go’ via the mobile app. Does this option already exist on the website? Thanks very much for your consideration!

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Currently neither the website nor the app has such feature.

That’s good advice. Thank you very much.

I think maybe we need to combine this feature with the search function of some sort, so that only when a word cannot be found, the user is prompted to submit a request to the editor.