Question about an anomalous reference on a page

I’ll make this super brief, but it actually is kind of weird and there’s strangely a lot I could say on this. But Ill try not to get too detailed in one of my notorious, utterly pointless ‘digital rabbit holes’ I tend to waste my time on.

I looked on here a while back cause I wanted the origin of ‘cum laude’, the reason? I’m very admittedly immature, and that should explain it for most. And of course, you know the next page I had to click on. I mean, can you not guess? …anywho

I saw a reference to, something, that seemed out of place, and uncharacteristic of this site. The term used was “slumber party cum bloodbath” or some variation of that. On the etymology for “cum”. I was kind of confused, like, wut? So I went to my search engine of choice to see where the heck they got this term and what it was referring to. Warning: if you intend to repeat this, be warned it may lead you down a deeply confusing and frustrating deep dive that only adds to the confusion the deeper you get.

And for the record, im not saying what you think. Im not just saying “oh sone p_rn cones uo when you search this haha”, its actually way way weirder than that. It seems this term is some kind of dog whistle of sorts, used by a handful of fringe internet communities. It seems the origin may cone from a weird anime that has same name. But the other places where the term comes up online… im just, I dont understand. I cant say much more. It lead to 4+ hours of investigation, ending with only more questions than where I began. And I saw some things, that, Ill just say scared me. I vowed to never look into… whatever this means in the internet occult. So i guess a big question ive wondered a while, is why this term appears in etymonline? Where was this originally pulled from, and why?

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That would be one of Doug’s entries so I don’t know his reasons for the choice, but, in curiosity I looked to see the oldest use of the phrase I could find. A 1996 book describing Luchino Visconti’s 1969 film The Damned. The ultimate guide to lesbian & gay film and video : Olson, Jenni : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

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You’re actually right. Haha wtf

Wow, good find. It had been floating in my head for years before the site started; I know it’s not original; I was sure I had read it in a review, but couldn’t place it at this date.