"Others are reading " is great

Don’t know if this is new or i just noticed it but a lovely new path into “related” words. Thanks!


Thank you very much for your approval. :heart_eyes:

The “Others are reading” section is a feature that we wanted to add some serendipity and fun to etymonline. I’m glad you like it.

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Yes, nice touch! Along with the public notes and trending features, the app is a rich collaborative library that remains relevant. What a blessing to have such a resource at our fingertips!

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Thanks so much for your appreciation. Me and the development team are really encouraged by feedbacks from our users. We’ll keep working hard to bring everyone even better features. We’re always open to more suggestions, especially feedback about any bugs. Of course, the excellence of the app is first and foremost due to Douglas’s outstanding work in dictionary editing. We never forget that.

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