Etymonline Premium Discount for Eligible Groups: Students, Teachers, and Journalists

We are currently offering a 50% discount of Premium subscription for the following groups:

  • Students, teachers, staff of educational institutions.
  • Journalists from several news organizations.

You will need to provide a legitimate email address of an educational institution (typically a domain name containing .edu, .edu.xx or .ac.xx) or an email address of a news organization that we have selected in order to verify your eligibility and receive a payment link for the discounted price.

List of our selected news organizations:

Please note that for the time being, we are only offering 50% off the first year for those who qualify. Renewals for the second and subsequent years will be at the original price of $17.99 per year.

If you:

  • think you are eligible for a discount, but are having trouble getting it
  • need to purchase in bulk for more than one person using the discounted price
  • run into any issues or have further questions

feel free to reach out to our support team at

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