Etymology of -step in music genres?

I come across this suffix every now and again when browsing music. I’m trying to figure out what exactly the sense of “step” here is such as in dubstep, metalstep, drumstep, etc.

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it may refer to the beat

I’m completely guessing, but even if I’m wrong it may help, for example you may find an article showing that I’ve made a common error by saying this.

There is more than one old-fashioned dance called a two-step. They were very common and very popular in their day. (In general, they have this name because you literally take two steps, in some form or another.) There’s also a breakdance move called a two-step, which is also a move with two literal steps to it, though I’m pretty sure it has nothing in common with the older dances except the name. There was a one-step dance too. There may be even more of these – I don’t dance much because I’m no good at it.

My guess is that part of the inspiration may come from the fact that there used to be all these dances called the [something]-step.

SekharXI says it may refer to the beat, and that sounds plausible too; is there a just plain “dub” that has less of a dance beat to it than dubstep does?