Customizable widgets

I just downloaded the app and love all the scholarly work you guys have done. To make it even better, I recommend allowing users to customize the order in which widgets appear underneath a searched term. For example, if I were more interested in learning the definition of a word than its historical trendiness, I could force the former to appear before the latter, reducing tedious scrolling. You could even make this a premium feature.

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I really like this suggestion as it would offer greater flexibility. Our team will seriously consider this proposal to present this feature in the best possible way. We plan to include such personalized settings for organizing page information in a future version of our product.

I’m curious as to how that looks. Where on the screen do you see “the definition of a word”?

Inside the etymonline app, there is a function to view the definition, which, when clicked, will help the user to look up the definition of the current entry in the built-in dictionary of the operation system. For example, in iOS, the system can provide the Oxford Dictionary.