Broken link in calibrate

In the derivation of “calibrate” there is a link to a document " English Words of Arabic Ancestry" The link presents as bare html (which was fascinating) rather than a rendered web page. I downloaded the text and was able to open it in a browser. The etymologies of the Arabic words stop part way through that for “intarsia”, and the html is incomplete.

Is someone there able to find and repair the damaged file?


Hi, Peter. I wish there was. That is not my site; the keeper of it contacted me years ago about a word entry. He proved to have a depth of knowledge and a trove of research that put me and most of my sources to shame. He is especially good at parsing out the wild tangle of trade languages in the medieval Mediterranean. He helped correct a number of etymonline entries. He was one of the very few online sources I’d ever trust. He didn’t offer me much about himself; I didn’t ask. His site has grown more and more ramshackle, and I don’t know what became of him. I’m praying it survives. It’s possible you can find an archived version in the Wayback Machine (try circa 2018), but the page might have moved around.

Thank you @doug I’ll have a poke around. If I find a complete version, would you be able to make a link to it instead of the broken one?


Without being able to contact him (e-mails were unanswered) and ask permission, probably it is best not to. I would want to respect his right to the copy. Also his extensive footnote links are essential. But if there’s an existing archived page of it with all the parts, I could try to link to that. His site is referenced in a half dozen or so entries.