When turned 10 a few years ago, the anniversary invited a new "who did this" page. The old one still is where it was; this one is about me as maker of the Online Etymology Dictionary, which is practically the only reason most people would be interested in any of this.

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I truly appreciate this site more than I can explain here. Thank you (so much time spent here)

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I visit this site at least twi-weekly. Thank you! <3

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I’m on the site daily, sometimes scores of times. I love it, I can’t get enough. Thank you Doug.

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I just want to say a huge THANK YOU! I love this site and have used it a lot. It has been invaluable.


This is quite a feat, thank you for building this site up!
And I can see an enthusiastic, sincere and wise person from the bio, your life must be wonderful.


I love this site! And, yes, I fit the profile in several ways. I’ll admit to writing poetry, which is my primary motivation. Thank you for the work you do!


A forum, discourse no less, to discuss etymology, I hope it “thrives”

word root

*ker- (2)

Proto-Indo-European root meaning “to grow.”


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You imagined this site a haven for poor students, poets, historical novelists, stoners, and such … Then marveled at ESL learners finding refuge here, and teachers mining lessons for students of all ages

But what about everyday word geeks who read this stuff just for grins? Like, the etymology of “onion.” That’s super-cool. “Ostracism” … Also cool. Like, no way, it’s related to “ost,” bone!

Guess what: I’m not the only word dork out there. Thankfully. Your awesome site drives a lot of random folks who devour words like others might inhale French fries (with mustard, duh!). Because words aren’t just words – they’re history and politics and culture and religion and war and oh so much juicy controversy, as I discovered with today’s word: sincere. (How is it not related to sinecure?!)

Damn! I was trying to emulate the cool kids in here with comments briefer than a Twitter post. I failed.

Thanks so much for what you do! Perhaps I’ll reach out personally because my Dad coined the 2014 OED word of the year “vape” back in the 1970s – we have documentation – and I’d love to see him get credit before he dies.

Really appreciate what you do.