Why ‘going’, in “going concern”?

No, it’s not a “concern” in the sense of “worries”.
It’s a concern in the sense of “commercial enterprise, entity”.
Similarly, it’s not “going” in the sense of “leaving” or “going out of business”, but “going” as in “ongoing, viable” [my emphasis].
So, “going concern” is not a negative thing, meaning “bankruptcy worries” or so, but a positive thing, meaning “viable enterprise”.

But it’s weird to describe a business as ‘going’ ! Native English speakers refer to “running” or “operating” a business, or that a business is “ongoing, viable”. I never heard anyone refer to ‘going’ a business, or that a business is ‘going’.

1. What’s the etymology of ‘going’ in “going concern”?

2. Why’s this term not “ongoing concern”, or “operating concern”?

1.) I assume you found the ‘going’ entry already. The usage of ‘going’ from that Bloomberg article seems to be industry jargon. If you think this site needs to be improved to include that, you should make an argument for it.

2.) It’s hard to say why people use the words they use. “Going concern” in the context you shared is awkward to my ear.