Is the phrase ration of s**t or rash and a s**t?

I hate to go vulgar here, but I can’t find any good information on the topic. I don’t have the necessary hazmat suit to check Urban Dictionary, nor do I trust the veracity of that source.
I recall my dad using the phrase 'he gave me a ration of S***" or maybe it was a rash and a S***. In searching, I have seen some similar phrases, such as a Raft of S but no conclusive information on exactly what the phrase is and what the origin of it might be. Can anyone help?

It’s not exactly an etymology question, and I’m sure each of the individual words already has an entry in etymonline. However, I have a couple of suggestions: first, since I don’t know this phrase at all and you aren’t sure either and you’re not having an easy time finding it, maybe it just isn’t a well-known phrase, or perhaps only well-known within a certain group or region that your dad was familiar with. Second, if I had to guess, I’d say “ration” probably makes more sense than “rash and” - there’s no indication or implication of what kind of rash it would be, and then the “and” needs to be followed by “a” rather than “of”; “he gave me a rash, and he gave me a shit, too” is just weird. In my opinion. :grin:

Adding this on: your dad (or others) might be using “ration”, “raft”, and other words that mean an amount of something, interchangeably. The very common “load of shit” might be different, but then again it might not. Did your dad say this when he had been blamed for something and received harsh words? Or had he been listening to worthless stuff? Maybe his expression is very similar to “bullshit”/“a load of shit”/etc?


Thanks David, Much appreciated. I agree that ration makes more sense. I would say the meaning of the phrase would be to give someone a hard time. An example would be after coming back from the store, Dad said, “I tried to return the unused product, but the employee was giving me such a ration of shit about returning it, I gave up.”
As for the etymology side, you are right, it wasn’t that at all. My guess is it has some origins in the US Military, probably Vietnam War era.

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This sounds to me like “giving someone shit” (making a harsh verbal response to their actions, e.g. “I did that, and afterwards he gave me shit for it”) with “ration” added.

Then again, the “shit” could be in the sense of “worthless talk, deliberately unsatisfactory responses given in place of the truth” - maybe that’s more like it.

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