How come ‘concern’ means ‘commercial enterprise'?

No, it’s not a “concern” in the sense of “worries”. It’s a concern in the sense of “commercial enterprise, entity”.

I need much more detail than [these snippety sentences].

PS: From the sense of busyness came the business meaning of “concern” I suppose.

Please trace all shifts from Latin [concernō] (“I mix, sift, or mingle together, as in a sieve”)] to this sense of English ‘concern’? How, and why, did [concernō] shift to ‘concern’ meaning [“an establishment for the transaction of business”]?

1580s, “regard, reference” (a sense now obsolete), from concern (v.).
Meaning “that which relates or pertains to one” is from 1670s.
Meaning “solicitous regard” is from 1690s.
Sense of “an establishment for the transaction of business” is from 1680s. [my emphasis];
colloquial sense of “a cumbersome or complicated material object” is from 1824.


You seem to be seeking the noun?

Try this for an understanding


  1. That which relates or belongs to one; business; affair; a very general term, expressing whatever occupies the time and attention, or affects the interests of a person. Intermeddle not in the private concerns of a family. Religion is the main concern of a rational being. We have no concern in the private quarrels of our neighbors. The industrious and prudent occupy their time with their own concerns.

I think you misses

So here raw leather concerns shoe makers, it concerns their trade

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