Hello and holler!

Hello everyone - I’m very excited to be a new member here! :slight_smile:
And speaking of hello, I have to wonder about its connection to the Spanish word “hablar.” The older English version of hello may have been some version of hallo or allo with both having some very close relationship to the French “allo.” I’m wondering if this word could have worked its way from “hablo” which is the first person singular of the verb “hablar.” Hello, hallo and allo all, in essence, mean “I speak,” which is exactly what “hablo” means. Also, holler, which basically means to speak loudly, is amazingly similar in pronunciation to “hablar,” the Spanish infinitive which means to speak. Anyways, it’s seems too coincidental that these English/French words and Spanish words wouldn’t have had some connection at some point. I’m interested to see what others think. Cheers! :slight_smile:

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