Canon (law) , cane (stick), rule (law) ruler (measuring stick)

Hi there etymologists,
It occurred to me today that there could be a connection between the above words.
Couple of Greek derivatives of both which seem similar but my knowledge of Greek is insufficient to assess.

It seems to me that if you go to, search first for the word ruler and read the information, then search for the word canon and read its entry as well, you’ll find your conjecture more or less confirmed. Or am I missing something?

EDIT: OK, I did miss something by not bothering to look. Cane is apparently from Latin “canna”. As long as it’s not from Italian “cane”, I guess we’re safe. :grin:

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The word “canon” comes from the Greek kanon , which in its original usage denoted a straight rod that was later the instrument used by architects and artificers as a measuring for making straight lines.

And not to make straight lines. The cane had notches on it that had the exact measurement of a cubit, etc.